Collection: Belt Buckles

My buckles are hand crafted, numbered and built for various budgets and taste. 

Materials include blued Steel Base, German Silver, Sterling Overlay and solid 925 Sterling with German Silver, Copper, Brass, Sterling Silver or Gold mounts. 

Custom orders are welcome - please use contact form for inquiries and have a look at my Buckle Archive for sample pictures. 

Steel Base is very popular as every day/robust working buckle. However (depending on humidity) it has to be wiped down with oil occasionally to prevent a rust patina. Very fine (0000) Steel wool will remove light rust if already formed. These buckles should not be worn directly against skin as they rust immediately.

German Silver is a Nickel Alloy that polishes up nicely. The color is similar to Sterling Silver. Over time it will tarnish and needs occasional buffing/cleaning. 

Sterling Overlay consists of a top layer of 925 Sterling with a nickel alloy bottom. 

925 Sterling Silver is Jewelry Quality Silver that I use on my higher end buckles. It will tarnish over time and needs buffed/cleaned occasionally.